Can the price of a Dog Chef meal vary?
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The price of your orders varies according to several factors:

  • the delivery frequency (you can see the daily price of meals by clicking on "My Subscription" in your Dog Chef account and see this variation by clicking on "Edit" next to the delivery frequency). Indeed, in most cases, the further away the frequency of delivery, the cheaper you will get.

  • the choice of the formule. The 100% fresh Dog Chef plan will have a higher daily price than the mixed plan (50% fresh Dog Chef, 50% Dog Chef kibbles), which will itself have a higher price than the 100% kibble Dog Chef plan.

    In addition, a 100% Dog Chef formule will give you a discount of 10%, while a smaller formule, even at 99%, will not give you this discount on your orders).

  • the choice of the recipes. Our recipes have different prices; as far as the fresh meals are concerned, the pork recipe is the cheapest, followed by chicken, beef, duck and fish, which are the most expensive. Concerning the kibbles, kip is the cheapest.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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