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To ensure that your dog enjoys Dog Chef meals as much as our other subscriber dogs, we invite you to try this:

  • Slightly reheat the meal, which may be too cold for your dog's taste.

  • Try out other recipes from our 5 proposed recipes;

  • If he discovers Dog Chef, mix it with his old food to get him used to it; and eventually change the formule (from the 100% fresh plan to the mixed plan, i.e. 50% fresh-50% Dog Chef kibbles, or even the 100% kibbles plan).

  • Your dog hasn't even tried his Dog Chef meal after smelling it? Don't hesitate to let him taste it by sliding a little bit of food in his mouth, to let him know it's good :)!

  • Add a small amount of bouillon (ideally homemade).

Do not hesitate to keep us informed and to contact us if you have any questions.

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