To ensure that your dog enjoys Dog Chef meals as much as our other subscriber dogs, we invite you to try this:

  • Remove the AlphaMix and OmegaMix supplements for a few days. The AlphaMix has a particular smell that your dog may not be used to yet. Once he has become used to the meals, gradually reintroduce the supplements. It is important to give the supplements over a longer time period so that no deficiencies occur.

  • Slightly reheat the meal, which may be too cold for your dog's taste (add the supplements after reheating).

  • Try out other recipes from our 5 proposed recipes;

  • If he discovers Dog Chef, mix it with his old food to get him used to it; and eventually change the formule (from 100% Dog Chef to 50% Dog Chef, to be mixed with 50% of another food).

  • Your dog hasn't even tried his Dog Chef meal after smelling it? Don't hesitate to let him taste it by sliding a little bit of food in his mouth, to let him know it's good :)!

  • Add a small amount of bouillon (ideally homemade).

Do not hesitate to keep us informed and to contact us if you have any questions.

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