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What does Dog Chef’s Puppy Booster consist of?
What does Dog Chef’s Puppy Booster consist of?

And is it optional or mandatory?

Written by Antoine Humbeeck
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Since your puppy has specific needs for its growth, we have developed the Puppy Booster with our vets:

  • It contains vitamins and minerals that offer multiple benefits for the support of its health and growth.

  • It contributes to the development of bones, joints and cartilage. The pre- and probiotics support its intestinal flora.

  • Ingredients such as rosehip, echinacea and spirulina support its immune system.

Four our fresh meals (100% fresh or mixed plan), Puppy Booster is necessary for all puppies up to 14 weeks old, so that their meals are perfectly complete and balanced; Puppy Booster is recommended for up to 6 months, which is why it comes free with your fresh Dog Chef subscription (100% fresh or mixed plan) throughout this period. For any puppy over 6 months, Puppy Booster can remain beneficial for its growth until adulthood. It is available in your customer account.

If you are feeding with our Dog Chef kibbles exclusively, there is no need to add Puppy Booster. Of course, there is no problem adding it to our kibbles if you wish. If you only want to add it to another brand of kibble, consult your vet first.

How to give Puppy Booster Nothing could be simpler: mix 1 g of Puppy Booster per 100 g of fresh Dog Chef food.

Please note: if the recommended daily amount of Puppy Booster for your puppy is very low and you usually give several meals a day (we recommend 3 meals a day until the puppy is 6 months old), you can of course give the daily amount Puppy Booster on just one of these meals.

How to store the Puppy Booster Puppy Booster can be stored at room temperature.

Additionally, Puppy Booster is recommended for expecting/lactating females until the puppies are fully weaned (or as long as the puppies eat from their mother's food bowl). In this case, contact our vets to receive it for free.

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