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What are the recipes for our Dog Chef kibbles?
What are the recipes for our Dog Chef kibbles?
Written by Antoine Humbeeck
Updated over a week ago

We offer 2 delicious Dog Chef kibble recipes: one with fresh chicken, and the other with fresh duck, raised outdoors in France or Belgium!

For the composition and benefits of each of these recipes, you can click on the link to the relevant recipe above.

Our delicious kibbles are well-balanced and cooked in full transparency, with a maximum of fresh meat (50%, much more than the market average!), and natural ingredients: no preservatives or artificial flavours!

The duck recipe is hypoallergenic.

All our recipes have been created by our vets following the recommendations of two internationally recognised official institutes, FEDIAF and NRC, whose members are specialist vets who make recommendations on animal nutrition based on scientific research.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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