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Moments of bonding with your dog are also the result of little attentions and rewards.

For this, we have created a range of quality treats to combine both delicacies and good health! Beefy, Sheepy, Chicky, Ducky Softy, Beefy Crunchy, Deery Softy, and Bugsy!

All our treats are mono-protein and 100% natural, based on meat or insects. They contain no preservatives, lactose or added sugars and are unbleached. You can add them to each order via your customer account.

Chewing antlers

Chewing is a completely natural and healthy behaviour. To guarantee your dog's pleasure and safety, we have developed 100% natural chewing antlers (Deer or Olive).

They will allow him to have good oral hygiene while having fun and benefiting

from natural nutrients.

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