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Should I feed my dog your fresh meals or your kibbles?
Should I feed my dog your fresh meals or your kibbles?
Written by Antoine Humbeeck
Updated over a week ago

Both our kibbles and our fresh meals are perfect for your dog! It really depends on what you – and your dog – prefer.

Why not do a Dog Chef mix, half kibble, half fresh meal? The advantage is that our fresh meals will enhance the fragrance and taste of the kibble, making his meals even tastier! And if you go on holiday, you can give him only our kibbles, which are easier to transport, easier to store and with no need to make a transition  ! It’s a real combination of the good, the natural and the practical.

Prefer to choose between the two? Here are the advantages of both:

The advantages of our fresh meals: 100% fresh, 100% natural, home-cooked, many dogs clearly prefer these meals to kibble in terms of taste!

Prepared meals are also more digestible for dogs. Finally, moist food provides water, which is beneficial for dogs at risk of dehydration (kidney failure or those who don’t drink much).

The advantages of kibbles are that they are easier to store and transport, especially when on holiday! They slow down the appearance of tartar through their mechanical action on the teeth. And because they are the Dog Chef brand, they live up to our values and our love of freshness! A new kibble of unmatched quality with a maximum of fresh meat and natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives or flavours. No compromise on the quality, health or eating pleasure of your dog.

Don't panic, if a Dog Chef menu doesn't suit you, you can easily change to another one, at any time!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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