What do Dog Chef's Boosters consist of?

What do they consist of? Are they optional or mandatory? How are they added to meals?

Written by Antoine Humbeeck
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Our prepared recipes and/or kibbles, as you received them (meaning without the Boosters), are perfectly balanced for all dogs.

However, because each dog is unique, they may have specific needs. That's why we have developed a range of optional dietary supplements related to specific issues.

Our powdered Boosters:

  • the ProTransit Booster contributes to maintaining optimal digestion and intestinal function. It is ideal for sensitive dogs and those with digestive problems.

  • the Mobility Booster contributes to maintaining healthy cartilage and flexible joints. It is ideal for active and athletic dogs, as well as certain breeds prone to joint issues.

  • the Senior Booster supports the overall health and vitality of your senior dog. It is suitable for all older dogs.

  • the Puppy Booster contains vitamins and minerals that offer multiple benefits for supporting the health and growth of your puppy. It helps with healthy bone, joint, and cartilage development and also supports gut flora. For more information about the Puppy Booster, please refer to our FAQ: "What is Dog Chef's Puppy Booster?"

Our oil-based Boosters:

  • the Skin & Hair Booster soothes itching for healthy skin and beautifully silky fur. It's delicious and also stimulates the appetite. This Booster can also be added to your homemade meals to make them complete.

  • the Joint & Activity Booster maintains healthy joints, provides energy, and supports immunity. It's delicious and stimulates the appetite as well. Ideal for active and athletic dogs, as well as some dogs prone to joint issues.

  • the Calm & Brain Booster contributes to overall well-being, supports cognitive abilities, and calms. It's delicious and stimulates the appetite. It can be given preventively to all dogs to support their cognitive abilities and is also ideal for anxious dogs.

All our Boosters can be added to any type of food! They can be used year-round or in courses, such as during seasonal changes, for example.

How to administer the Boosters? Add the Booster directly to your dog's food. The daily dosage can be given all at once or divided over several meals. You will find the daily dosage for your dog based on their weight on the label.

How to store the Boosters? Our powdered Boosters should be stored at room temperature. Our oil-based Boosters should be stored in the refrigerator.

Can I mix multiple Boosters? You can certainly give multiple Boosters to your dog for combined results.

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