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Our recipes, as you receive them (i.e. without the Boosters), are perfectly balanced. For all dogs.

However, because each dog is unique, it may have specific needs. This is why we have developed a range of optional food supplements, linked to specific issues:

路 The ProTransit Booster, which contributes to the maintenance of optimal digestion and intestinal function. It is ideal if your dog is sensitive.

路 The Mobility Booster, which contributes to maintaining healthy cartilage and flexible joints. It is ideal for active dogs!

路 The Senior Booster, which supports the general health and vitality of your senior dog.

These Boosters can be added both to our 100% fresh meals and to our Dog Chef kibbles!

How to give the ProTransit, Mobility or Senior Booster Nothing could be simpler: you will find on the label of the Booster the dosage per day according to the weight of the dog, to be mixed with his food.

How to store Boosters Boosters can be stored at room temperature.

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