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I would like to place occasional orders without a subscription
I would like to place occasional orders without a subscription
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This is perfectly possible at Dog Chef !

It is important to emphasize that, regardless of the situation, it is necessary to start with our two-week trial box, accessible via the following link: This will allow your dog to make a smooth transition and to ensure that he loves his Dog Chef meals (but we are so sure of this that we will refund you if that is not the case ;)).

After that, you have two options :

1) You keep your subscription but you decide to postpone your delivery dates as much as you like. Thanks to this option, you continue to get a 10% price reduction if you have a subscription of 100% Dog Chef (or the 5% reduction if you mix Dog Chef with another food), and manage your deliveries smoothly. You can also pause your subscription, so that you can manage your deliveries as you see fit.

2) The other possibility is to first cancel your subscription, and then, when you wish to place a one-off order, by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Dog Chef account.

  2. Under the 'Home' tab, you will find the option 'Webshop - Buy our fresh meals, kibbles, and extras without subscription' at the top left.

  3. Click on 'Buy our products'.

  4. You can then choose from our webshop anything that interests you: fresh meals, kibbles, treats, dietary supplements, chewing wood...

  5. Delivery is free for any order of a minimum of 50 euros.

  6. Once you have made your selections, go to your cart ('Go to checkout') and finalize the order.

Important: when you place orders without the subscription system, the orders must be honoured directly, in order to validate them for delivery.

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